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Reading is my second nature.I read whatever strikes me, regardless of genre  These are my honest, uncensored opinions based on the quality of the book,not the authour.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Read from September 28 to October 14, 2013
5 of 5 stars



Synopsis: The Fault in Our Stars is the story of Hazel Grace,a 17 year old who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 12, and has come to terms with her diagnosis. She is ready to die. A miracle trial pill has stalled her inevitable death, but for how long? Hazel joins a Cancer Support Group, where she meets Augustus, who is in remission after having lost his leg to osteosarcoma fourteen months prior. Even though Hazel makes it her policy not to get too close to people for fear of hurting them when she dies, she can't help but to start falling for Augustus. 

I fell in love with this book almost instantly.
Gus & Hazel don’t have the typical “fall in love” story that everyone seems to have, they simply just fell into each other.Their story is about finding that in a bleak world there can be light, and that light may not shine forever, but it can shine beautifully & bright while it’s here.
When I finished the book I wanted to cry, but more importantly I walked away feeling that the authour hit the heart of the story. That, much like death, life and love are not something you can control. And that hurt is not something you can avoid, but that you will be okay.



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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life” ~ Walt Disney

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

"Maybe okay will be our always"


I really liked when Gus said this. It doesn't seem deep, but I think it really speaks to the simple, easy going nature of their relationship. 

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A Clash of Kings  - George R.R. Martin Yet again Martin has me biting my nails as I read this book.Throughout the book I fall in love & in hate with many characters, on all sides of the war. So much so I'm never sure who I want to win the war.

Unlike A Game Of Thrones, this book was not slow to start. It was action, and anticipation from start to finish. Where Martin sometimes gives us sorrow, he gives us hope, but the opposite is true. He has a way of making you hopeful, and then ripping it away from you with a sentence or two. Just like the other books in the series, this book is always keeping you on your toes with it's many twists and unexpected turns, right up until the end.
A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin I did the biggest "No No" in the bookworm world, I started watching the series on TV before reading the book. I fell in love with it & then discovered it was a whole book series, and went and picked up the book series (that was out at that point, to date, which was the first four)
and I have to say, not only am I impressed with the book, but for once I am actually pretty impressed with a tv series made from a book.

The book itself was slow to start, like most are, but soon enough was hard to put down. I found myself falling in love with characters, and crying over them. They had a very human quality to them, something that many books often lack.
The story line is full of twists that you don't expect,and kept me on my toes, even though I knew from the tv series the general idea of what was coming next.

This book seems huge, but once you dive in it doesn't seem so endless, so don't let that be the reason you don't pick it up.
If you like the fantasy genre, you should definitely check out this book.

(You can see all my partial reviews of the book on my blog, here.)
Entwined with You - Sylvia Day I didn't 'dislike' it, but I didn't love it.
I came in expecting more, I wasn't all that impressed. Sure, the hot parts were still there, and some of it hotter than before, but it still left me wanting.
I felt it had more filler than anything else, and not enough real story line. It really felt like it was being dragged out in order to feed into the next book, which I will read because I want to see where this goes.
Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire I loved Beautiful Disaster, for much of the story I spent the time disliking Travis' behaviour, but in the end I fell in love with his character. When I saw that there was a story from Travis' point of view, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! As soon as I could, I dove into it. I was hungry for Travis' side of things.

The prologue? image

66 % of the way in, and if I didn't love Travis before, which I did - despite his crazy tantrums and behaviour- understanding it from his side has made me love (and cry for) him even more. When he wakes up the morning after to find Abby gone? In the first book I thought he was an ass for his behaviour, but from this side finding out how much it hurt him. How when she was saying goodbye he was thinking it was a new start and then she just left.. just like his mom? I felt so heartbroken for him

I loved the contrast between the two stories. I really liked all the extra behind the scenes stuff we didn't see in the first book that went on between Shep, Mare & Travis. It really added to the storyline, and gave us a great glimpse into what drove Travis' to behave the way he did. I also really enjoyed the ending. Where Beautiful Disaster left us wondering what happened after their wedding, Walking Disaster filled it in, and I loved it. It gave us the closure that Beautiful Disaster didn't.

Overall this book was amazing.If you're just starting this book, be prepared, you will not put it down.

This book isn't two stories in a series, they are two halves of one story, a story that is beautiful, tragic and amazing.
Cinder - Marissa Meyer I've seen this book multiple times on various store shelves. I've picked it up multiple times, and put it back (usually in favour of another book) I just wasn't sure if I'd like it.
I finally started to read it, and found not only did I *like* it, I couldn't put it down. It took me five days to devour this book. Two of those days were weekend days when I had children around. To be honest, if I just took out the hours, I probably spent about an hour a day on the book. I couldn't put it down.

There were some turns I was sure would happen like Cinder being the missing princess but the way those things happened did not happen when I thought they would, or even how I thought they would.

I am definitely happy to have finally picked up this book. I can't wait to dive into the second book "Scarlet"
Hana - Lauren Oliver I loved the short half story from Hana's side.
Although I did suspect she'd do what she did, it was nice to see the reasons leading up to it.
Delirium - Lauren Oliver A friend of mine suggested I read this book. I hadn't heard anything about it until it was suggested, but figured why not?

I really enjoyed this story. The characters and story line flowed nicely with each other, and just when I thought I could guess what was going to happen, the story took a different turn. Especially at the ending.

I can't wait to dive into the second book.
Free Four - 'Veronica Roth' I loved getting a glimpse of four and his feelings, I think that the book should've been longer, or we need a prequel that is all about Tobias.
Insurgent - Veronica Roth September is too far away!!!

I was going to try to drag this book out since the third book doesn't come out until September, but i just couldn't do it. I could not put it down.

I loved the internal struggles Tris faces, about Will, her parents, her loyalties and even Four.

The ending definitely left me wanting more, and i can't wait for September to get here.I'm going to dive into "The Rise Of Four' next, and hope that it will tide me over until then.

This book was a page turner. If there were more stars to give, this book would get them.
Midwives - Chris Bohjalian I absolutely loved this book. I had a hard time putting it down.
I cried at times, and held my breath at others. The trial kept me on the edge of my seat until the end, never giving a hint to which way the trial would go.
The characters were so well written that there were times I would forget that they weren't real and found myself wanting to find out more about Sibyl Danforth's story.

If i could give this book more stars, I would.