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Reading is my second nature.I read whatever strikes me, regardless of genre  These are my honest, uncensored opinions based on the quality of the book,not the authour.

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger I have to start by saying i loved this movie. I figured i would love the book equally, if not more.
But, that's not the case.
It's not that i didn't like the book, i just didn't love it.
There was a lot of confusion, almost too much back and fourth.
Also, like many other reviews point out, Claire & Henry read in exactly the same voice.

Three stars because i didn't hate it and because it wasn't horribly written.
Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins Like a few others, i thought the ending was a bit rushed and left me feeling like there was a lot of unfinished business, but all & all it was still a pretty good book & a great trilogy over all. I think that the author could have done a bit better if the ending didn't leave so much open.
At least Katniss got to rebuild her life, with Peeta, without the threat of the hunger games or the reopening.
Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins This book is full of twists and turns that you don't expect. Just when you think you can put the book down, it throws something new at you.

Do not even think about reading the ending of this book unless you have #3 on hand, you will want to start reading #3 almost as soon as you put the book down.
The Summer Of Us - Holly Chamberlin It started slow. Not sure if that's because of the book i previously read, or if it actually is slow. But, towards the end i liked it. Not overly, but it wasn't horrible.
I felt that there could have been some more friendship building.
But, it was a good time waster, and i liked the general idea of the book.
The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory The book, as always is the case, was by far better then the movie!
I could read this again, and again!

Like other reviews have said, you have to keep in mind this is a story, and not completely fact based. This is a fictional story, not a biography. If you are able to separate the two, you are in for a wonderful read!
Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Song: The Exclusive Personal Stories Behind Your Favorite Songs - Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jo-Ann Geffen, Lamont Dozier Sloooow reading. I liked the look at the stories that inspired the lyrics, or the stories of how the songs came to be. Some were amazing. Others funny. This book was good to read at a slow pace.
Room - Emma Donoghue I can't even put into words what I think of this book.
To say it's amazing seems to be underselling. This book is beautiful and shows strength and love,in both Jack & Ma. I could hardly bare to put the book down, and often found myself reading it out loud to my husband.I still find myself telling others about the book, and quoting it.

Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul

Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul: Stories to Warm the Heart and Inspire the Spirit - Jack Canfield, Frances Firman Salorio Read this shortly after lil miss was born, i'm re-reading it now.
Now that our daughter-mother bond has grown even more, the stories hit closer. I can only hope that one day we have our own stories to contribute.